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For many persons visiting Europe, the wafting scenes and comforting flavours recall old family traditions. For others, Europe offer an opportunity to see history come alive at every corner.

Our programs offer an insider’s view of a variety of fascinating destinations; in some cases, multiple countries and regions are combined into one excursion, creating exciting opportunities to witness the diversity of the European countries. Experience spectacular lakes and mountains, picturesque villages and modern capital cities, along with an abundance of Unesco World Heitage.

In all our tours, we have carefully selected the sights, restaurants, hotels and events that best reflect the true ambiance of the places you visit.

Our programs are completely customizable. The itineraries we have offered are just examples, you can book them as they are or let them inspire you to imagine your future trip.

Even if you’ve been in this places before, there is always something new to discover. With VIT – Promotion, you’re guaranteed an excursion that delivers the most inspiring travel experience possible!