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Graz  is the second largest city in Austria and capital of the Steiermark province (Styria). The old town is one of the best preserved city centre in Europe and in 1999 it was added to UNESCO's list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, while in 2003 it became Cultural Capital of Europe for that year. With its six universities and 40,000 students, Graz has the tradition of being a student city.

The city has fine museums, interesting architecture, good dining, excellent shopping and minutes away from the city one can also find scenic countryside.

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Main attractions:


This castle standing on a rock ledge of the hill more than 1000 years, gave the city its name. From the Slavic word “gradec”, meaning “little castle”, Graz derived. And the little castle was made a huge fortress.


Mur Island   - www.inselindermur.at

The Murinsel (Mur Island) is a construction of steel in the Mur river, located in the centre of Graz. It was built for the event of Graz being the cultural capital in the year 2003, and developed itself as attraction and a popular sight of Graz. The Mur Island was created by the New York artist Vito Acconci.



The Grazer Uhrturm is the most important symbol of Graz. The clock tower is 28 meters high and stands since 1560 on the top of the Schlossberg hill.


Eggenberg Castle - www.museum-joanneum.at/en/schloss_eggenberg

Eggenberg castle is the most important castle complex of Styria. It is surrounded by a generous landscaped garden that is an allegory of the universe. It's centre is the planetary hall that is based on early Baroque style and features paintings by H.A. Weissenkircher.


Gemaltes Haus  - www.cusoon.at/gemaltes-haus-graz-at-4

Strolling through Herrengasse, you can cast a glance into the realm of gods. In 1742 the Baroque artist Johann Mayer painted frescos on the facade of the Gemaltes Haus which show gods of Greco-Roman mythology.

Visits & Excursions

Worth to do and visit:

… buy the black gold of Styria at the Bauernmarkt (at reasonable rates) – the “pumpkin seed oil”

… visit Landeszeughausmuseum where you can see more than 32.000 historical weapons

… go to The Graz Kunsthouse and afterwards make your shopping along the Kunstmeile

… enjoy an opera, a musical or a concert in the Graz Opera House

… go up and down on the famous double-spiral staircas

… gather for a nice spectacle in Glockenspielplatz. The Graz carillon chimes three melodies and in the gable windows a wooden couple in proper costume dances to the sound.

… taste internationally renowned Styrian wines at the producer's vineyard and buy fresh pumpkin-seed oil directly from the farmer to take back home with you.



… “White horses and colourful churches” – a visit to the Lipizzaner home in Piber and a stop at Barbara Church, designed by Hundertwasser  architect.

… take a trip to the Lurgrotte in Semriach.

… visit the Seggau Castle and taste the Styrian wines in a typical tavern along the south Styrian wine road.

… do you want to learn more about Arnold Schwarzenegger? He was born just a few km outside Graz.

… visit the Porsche Diesel tractor museum in Hitzendorf

… enjoy the Barenschutzklamm ravine - roaring torrents of water, bizarre cliff formations, rare plants and animals near Mixnitz  (north of       Graz)

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