Welcome to Villach / Klagenfurt

Southern temperament and Carinthian zest for life, a rich history and an agreeable climate, romantic, modern, easy-going, joyful – Villach will enchant you. Cosmopolitan and traditional, stylish and charming – Villach is well known for its cultural variety. Street art and grand cultural events, marvellous festivals and enthusiastic artists turn the whole town into one big stage.

Roundtrip Villach/Klagenfurt


Main attractions:

The Parish Church of St Jacob

On a terrace above the end of the Villach Main Square, is a three-aisled Gothic hall church (14th C.) with a narrow choir and a tower 95m/312ft high (view), linked with the church only by an arched gateway.


Villach Fahrzeugmuseum - www.oldtimermuseum.at

Villacher Fahrzeugmuseum shows mainly the common cars of the ordinary people of past times and most of them are still in a very good condition.


The Finkenstein Ruins

The Finkenstein Ruins (16th century) are located at the foot of the Mittagskogel. The site is now used as a venue for a number of summer cultural events.


Minimundus - www.minimundus.at

Minimundus, the miniature world at Lake Wörthersee, is a place to enjoy, stay a while, learn interesting things, have fun, see and experience. The approximately 150 models of famous structures, trains and ships take visitors on a trip around the world in miniature format. Around the world in one day!

Visits & Excursions

Worth to see and visit:

… in the old town of Villach you will enjoy the charm of Hauptplatz (main square) and the pedestrian area.

… take a guided walking tour in the city center of  Klagenfurt and pass along Neuer Platz, Lindwurmbrunnen,  Maria Theresia monument, Altes und Neues Rathaus, Alter Platz and the Landhaus.

… visit the Ferlach  Castle

… go and see the new-gothic Nikolai Church with a Franciscan monastery built in 1892

… take a walk on the pedestrian bridge and you will have a breathtaking view to the south of the baroque Church of the Holy Cross “Zum Heiligen Kreuz”

... go to the “Lindwurm” fountain (built around 1590), Klagenfurt’s heraldic animal, originally a bipedal dragon, which glides past the city tower.



… take a boat ride on lake Worthersee or Ossiachersee

… visit the castle of Landskorn and the eagle light show

… are you looking for relaxation? You will find it at Erlebnistherme in Warmbad Villach

… on a rainy day why not go and make a visit to the Terra Mystica?

… go and see the Minimundus or the Planetarium

… you like the nature and the mountains? The Gerlitzen Alpe would be the right destination for you.

… if you have more time at disposal go and visit Ljubljana or lake Bled.

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