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Linz, European Capital of Culture in 2009, is both a brilliant cultural metropolis and an economic success story. The vibe is dynamic and modern and people enjoy a high quality of life. Linz has become a popular stage for theatre and music of the finest quality, but also for contemporary art, history and science in its many museums. With attractive architecture – from sleek modern glass structures to historic stucco facades – and fabulous gastronomy, there is much to please the eye and palate.

Roundtrip Linz


Main attractions:

Ars Elrctronica Center - http://new.aec.at

The interactive experience. Exciting exhibitions of digital art and technology are at home here in the building with its brightly lit animated facade.


Linz Castle Museum - www.landesmuseum.at/schlossmuseum/

The greatest universal museum in Austria with permanent exhibitions on nature and technology as well as temporary exhibitions. Unforgettable: The view from the terrace over the rooftops.


Lentos - www.lentos.at

The museum of contemporary art. The most impressive, natural light equipped showroom in Austria with one of the best art collections in the Republic.


St. Mary’s Cathedral

The largest church in Austria. The neo-Gothic church impresses with its tower, which is only a few feet lower than the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.



One of the landmarks of the city. The distinctive Wallfahrtsbasilika stands picturesquely above Linz, easily accessible via the steepest mountain railway on the continent.


Botanical Garden

This is one of the most beautiful in Europe. 10,000 different plant species can be seen on 4.2 ha. A unique collection of cacti and a remarkable collection of orchids, in all their splendour, are displayed in five greenhouses.


Main Square and Trinity Column

The impressive Trinity Column is 20 metres high nd made of white marble. A typical symbol of the age of the baroque, it was erected in gratitude by hose who had survived a variety of disasters and s protection against war, fire and the plague. The olumn is located in the centre of the main square Hauptplatz

Visits & Excursions

Worth to do and visit:

… go to Ars Electronica and prepare to be visually stunned with five levels of 21st-century technological wizardry

… a ride up to the top of the most prominent hill in Linz: Pöstlingberg, with a visit to the pilgrimage basilica should not be left out of a visit to Linz

… experience the underground fairy-tale world of the Grottenbahn

… taste delicious local specialty - Linzer Torte - at the Jindrak cafe (the house of the original cake)

… visit Brucknerhaus and enjoy a classical music concert

… go shopping - the pedestrian zone with its picturesque side streets is an ideal starting point for extended shopping tours

... take a walk in the Botanical Garden on the hill Gugl - considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.



… visit Dachstein Cave World and its three natural show caves that rank among the most significant natural monuments of Austria.

… follow the tracks of Roman legionnaires in Enns (the oldest town in Austria) and enjoy a visit to the Lorch Basilica or the splendid twin-bay St. Mary's Parish Church

… experience medieval Freistadt - the city of beer-brewing and culture

… go and visit the 1st Upper Austrian Schnapps Museum in St. Oswald near Freistadt.

… enjoy the scenic charms of the Salzkammergut region and discover Hallstatt – a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site since 1997

… take a trip to Steyr - the charming 1000 year old scenic city of Steyr is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque historical city centers of Europe.

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