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The city of Berlin is built around the River Spree in Bundesland, the federal state of Brandenburg. Berlin is Germany's capital city and has undergone enormous changes in the past 100 years. No longer divided, this city is now a thriving, modern and exciting destination, welcoming tourists and business visitors alike. Since World War II, the city has emerged from the past and undergone the biggest construction project in Europe.

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Main attractions:


Alexanderplatz is Berlin's most famous square. Originally, this square lay just beyond the gates to the city. The square is also home to the World Time Clock, and the Fountain of International Friendship, both of which were erected in 1969.


Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin's only remaining city gate, is the true symbol of the city. Because it was situated in the no man's land just behind the wall, it also became symbolic of the division of the city. After the Fall of the Wall, the Gate was reopened on December 22, 1989.


Berliner Dom - www.berlinerdom.de

Berlin Cathedral is the former court cathedral of Prussia's royal family, the Hohenzollern and was conceived as a protestant answer to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.


Museumsinsel - www.smb.spk-berlin.de/smb/home/index.php

The consort of museums found on the Museum Island is a unique cultural inheritance, which unites five important museum buildings into a heterogeneous but harmonic ensemble on the River Spree.


Charlottenburg Castle – www.spsg.de

This beautifully restored palace was originally commissioned over 300 years ago by the future Queen Sophie Charlotte. Inside the palace there is a small collection of romantic paintings. Outside, the Schloss Charlottenburg is surrounded by stunning gardens, which are well worth a visit, opening from dawn until dusk.


Postdamer Platz – www.panoramapunkt.de

In the 1900’s this was one of the busiest squares in the whole of Europe and when the Berlin Wall was built it had a platform that allowed Westerners to look over the wall and into the eastern part of the city. After many years of neglect, recent restoration and renovation have created a wonderful new, vibrant area, full of shops, bars, cafés, restaurants and many other venues for entertainment.


Reichstag – www.bundestag.de

The Reichstag is the seat of the German Bundestag or federal government and, with its new dome, one of the Berlin's biggest crowd-draws. Its colorful past reflects the turbulence of German history since the 19th century.


The Zitadelle - www.zitadelle-spandau.de

The Zitadelle in Spandau is a magnificent example of Renaissance fortress architecture. The original buildings, including the Juliusturm (Julius Tower), which is the oldest edifice in Berlin, were constructed around 1200.


St. Hedwigs Chatedrale (The Prussian Pantheon) – www.hedwigs-kathedrale.de

St. Hedwig's Cathedral is the diocesan church of the Archdiocese of Berlin and the most important Roman Catholic ecclesiastical building in the city.?As a sign of the religious tolerance of Prussia, Friedrich II. gave permission for it to be built, financed by donations from all over Europe.

Visits & Excursions

Worth to do and visit:

… explore the city on foot and discover, beside the most impressive sights, many little by-roads and the city's typical backyards.

… go on a boat trip through the historical downtown and get an impression on the new architecture as well as onthe old sights while over 1700 bridges can cross your way.

... conquer Museum Island

… visit the moving Jewish Museum to remember the tragedy of the Holocaust.

… for a fun family day out, visit the Zoologischer Garten & Aquarium in the Tiergarten.

… swim in the Grunewald forest - the best place for a swim on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

… leave time in the afternoon for Kaffee und Kuchen - a popular Berlin tradition, and most cafés will have at least a modest selection of cakes to choose from.



… visit Potsdam, with its pleasant main shopping street and Dutch Quarter, as well as the nearby palaces and gardens of Sanssouci, Schloss Cecilienhof and the Babelsberg Film Studios.

… go and visit The Wannsee Conference House (Haus der Wannsee Konferenz)

… enjoy the Spree forest  and visit the harbor at Lübbenau, or the smaller harbors at Lübben or Burg

… take an excursion to the Stasi - located on the outskirts of East Berlin, this is actually the old German Democratic Republic's headquarters of the secret police force.

… allow a whole day and go visit  Kreuzberg - a lively, unique area, which has much to offer

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