A prominent European city and an important area of commerce, Leipzig is known for its historic character, appealing shopping arcades, restored buildings and impressive Renaissance-style architecture. It is easy to picture the city's past life in the best preserved areas of Leipzig, particularly around the Old Town Hall, although modern, cultural attractions are also in good supply.


Main attractions:

Leipzig Zoo - www.zoo-leipzig.de

Leipzig Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world and has one of the largest collections of species. It is therefore one of the most popular destinations in the city. Visit "Pongoland", the world's largest zoo facility for anthropoids, "Makasi Simba", the lions' savannah, a sloth-bears' gorge, a Tiger's taiga, an African savannah.


Belantis Leisure Park - www.belantis.de

Leipzig has its own amusement park in the south of the city. The park covers an area of 25 hectares including 60,000 square metres of water and a four kilometre trail which takes visitors on a journey through time.


Asisi Panometer - www.asisi.de

An old gasometer houses the biggest panometer of the world. After the exhibitions "Mount Everest" and "Rome CCCXII", artist Yadegar Asisi has realized another panorama in the Leipzig gasometer. The panorama "Amazonia - Yadegar Asisi's magical picture of nature" takes you on a visual journey into the middle of the tropical rainforest scenery at the Amazon.


Auenwald floodplain forest

Auenwald is a park and floodplain landscape unique in Europe, stretching in a green belt of ca. 1,800 hectares all the way through the city.


Monument to the Battle of the Nations - www.stadtgeschichtliches-museum-leipzig.de

This largest memorial complex in Europe, with a viewing platform 91 metres above ground, was erected to commemorate the Battle of the Nations of 1813.


The Old City Hall - www.stadtgeschichtliches-museum-leipzig.de/site_deutsch/altes_rathaus/index.php

Leipzig's Old City Hall is one of the most beautiful Renaissance town halls in Germany. It was built between 1556 and 1557 in just nine months.

Visits & Excursions

Worth to do and visit:

... experience the "zoo of the future" on your safari into the world of animals.

… go and visit Mendelssohn House - the only remaining residence of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

… visit St. Nicholas' Church, where - after the Prayers for Peace every Monday - the Peaceful Revolution of 1989  started along Augustusplatz and the central ring road to the headquarters of the secret police (Stasi)

… enjoy the dinner at Auerbachs Keller - historical restaurant since 1525, world wide known through "Goethes Faust",

… savour a coffee at Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum – one of the oldest surviving coffee house and restaurant in Europe. Today it is a restaurant, cafe, and museum in one, documenting the history of the Saxons' proverbial love of coffee.



… take a trip to Dessau - a Meca for artists and architects of the Classic Modernism

… go to Wörlitz and visit the world famous landscape park - a UNESCO world heritage site and part of the Middle Elbe biosphere reserve.

… explore Saale valley: Lützen, Freyburg, Naumburg

... visit Meissen - City of "White Gold" - with the Albrechtsburg Castle, the cathedral and the first European porcelain factory.

… follow the footsteps of the Reformation and go to Luther City Wittenberg - nearly everything in Wittenberg evokes Martin Luther

… have fun at Belantis Amusement Park - "Land of the Pharaohs", "Knights' Castle" and much more

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