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Bratislava is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the capital of Slovakia. Many tourists come here, drawn by the unique charm of the city that still preserves its Old Town well. The history of the place goes back a long time, as human settlements were established here in ancient times.

Many things worth visiting wait for you in Bratislava. The historical part of the city is sure to catch your heart, and the general feeling of the place makes it so unique that you will want to come back here again. This European capital should be a must-see on the list of cities you want to visit.


Main attractions:

St Martin’s Cathedral - http://dom.fara.sk/

Though it was consecrated and officially opened in 1452, it had taken nearly two centuries from ground-breaking to complete this Gothic cathedral. the surroundings of St Martins are as memorable as the structure itself. In the cathedral’s case, this includes the picturesque remains of outbuildings in a spacious staired courtyard, and a working seminary with robed adepts on a cobblestoned sidestreet.


Bratislava Castle – http://www.snm.sk

Bratislava Castle, looking over the historic core of the capital of the Slovak Republic is a landmark of this town and a National Cultural Monument that attracts the looks not only the inhabitants of Bratislava, but also the large amount of visitors from all parts of Slovakia, Europe and the whole World.


Primate’s Palace Bratislava

The Palace, built in 1778 and located in the centre of Old Town is considered as one the most beautiful building in Bratislava. Its pale pink and white exterior is topped with various marble statues and a large cast iron cardinal’s hat. The hat is a symbol of the Archbishop, for whom the palace was built, and of the various cardinals who lived here throughout the years.


St. Elizabeth's Church - The Blue Little Church in Bratislava

It is one of the most beautiful pieces of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. The Second Church of St. Elizabeth or the Blue Little Church (Modry kostolik) was built from 1907-1913 according to the design of Hungarian architect Odon Lechner. Today, the Blue Church also has a high school and rectory.


Grassalkovich Palace - Slovakia's White House

Now the home to Slovakia's President, Grassalkovich Palace was once the home and meeting place for several members of the Austro-Hungarian and Habsburg aristocracy.


Old Town Hall in Bratislava

Originally the site of a towered house in the 14th century, the old town hall arose in the 15th century by connecting several burgher houses, and then went through several reconstructions in the course of the centuries. After the earthquake of 1599, it was reconstructed in Renaissance style, while the town-hall tower was rebuilt in baroque style in the 18th century. In 1912 the rear wing was constructed in neo-renaissance style from the side of the courtyard, and neo-gothic style from the side of the Primacial square.


St. Michael's Street and St. Michael's Gate in Bratislava

St. Michael's Gate and Street are one of Bratislava's popular sights and is a quaint street lined with many shops and restaurants. In the summertime, the Michalska Ulica is teeming with tourists, street bands, and locals enjoying the cool Slovak summer nights.


Devin Castle

Devín Castle, a national cultural monument, is located at the foot of a cliff above the confluence of the Danube and Morava Rivers. This strategically important site has been settled since the late Stone Age by a succession of groups, from the Celts to the Romans, the Goths to the Lombards, and many more.

Visits & Excursions

Worth to do and visit:

… enjoy a relaxing walk around the painstakingly restored Old Town of Bratislava, a compact pedestrian area dotted with Baroque palaces of the Hungarian magnates.

… stroll around the Main Square craft market beneath the Renaissance Knight Roland Fountain that is an emblematic monument of Bratislava.

… spend an enjoyable evening at Bratislava´s Opera.

… do not miss the excellent wines from the Small Carpathian and other Slovak wine growing districts.

… you might sample the most famous local cheese sorts, “parenica” or “ostiepok”.



… take the “Small Carpathian Wine Route”, a trip to the small cities and villages under the hills of the Small Carpathian

… return to the past visiting Cerveny Kamen Castle (Redstone Castle)

… visit Roman military camp Gerulata which was a part of unique fortification in the north boundary of Roman Empire - LIMES ROMANUS.

… go and relax in the Spa City – Piestany

... take a boat trip by Danube river to Devin Castle or Vienna

… go to Trancin and visit the Castle witch never has been conquered by a direct attack

… explore the village of Topo??ianky, which is located north of the western Slovak town of Zlaté Moravce at the foothill of the Tribe? Mountains

… visit Nitra and feel the wonderful anciene atmosphere of the town

… buy beautiful Slovak folk ceramics and majolica hand crafted and painted from Modra (ca. 24 km from Bratislava)

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